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Committees/Advisory Groups



Education Committee Chair: Randy Bindra

PFET Coordinators: Libby Anderson & Alexa Potter

AHSS President: David McCombe

General Members: Abhinav Aggarwal

Travelling Fellowship Committee Chair: Greg Bain

Annual Conference Convenors (Pending) 

Conference Coordinator (Greg Bain) 




Journal clubs 

Registrar conference

AHSS Annual meeting

AOA meeting

FRACS meeting

Travelling Fellowship


Chair – Travelling Fellowship Coordinator: Greg Bain
AHSS President:
David McCombe
Education Committee Chair:
Randy Bindra
PFET Chair:
Libby Anderson & Alexa Potter
A Former AHSS Travelling Fellow
(who is not an AHSS Board Member)
An International Guest Speaker

Chair Research Committee: Mark Ross

Chair: (TBA)

Members: Sarah Coll, Richard Lawson, Steven Tham

Chair: Mark Baker

Members: Jeff Ecker, Mark Ross, David McCombe, Tony Berger, Libby Anderson, Michael Sandow, Ian Hargreaves, Sharon Chu, Sarah Coll, Nick Smith (ADL) & Steven Tham

Newsletter Editor: Jennifer Green

Social Media Editor: Sarah Tolerton

Website Editors: Sarah Tolerton & Abhinav Aggarwal

Avanthi Mandaleson has agreed to establish a short-term Advisory Group to create a DEI Statement to use as a guide for AHSS activities.

APFSSH Representative: Jennifer Green
IFFSH Representative: Roland Hicks
AHSS Archivist: Roland Hicks