Australian Hand Surgery Society

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Member Requirements

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Entry requirements for Active Member

  1. FRACS or equivalent

  2. Registered Specialist Surgeon in Australia

  3. Has undergone training in hand surgery

  4. At least 2 years post-Fellowship surgical experience, including hand surgery

  5. Documentation of hand surgery experience (or log book 12 months – hand surgery cases only)

  6. Log book experience needs to be summarised by the candidate and the summary sheet and the log book be reviewed by the proposer and the proposer will then forward the seconder’s letter and the summary to the Board and the candidate will retain the log book

  7. Presentation at one Scientific meeting either as a Provisional Member or in the year of application as an Active Member

  8. Proposer and Seconder to be Active Members of the AHSS

Entry requirements for Provisional Member

  1. FRACS or equivalent
  2. Registered and a Specialist Surgeon in Australia (Plastic Surgeon, Orthopaedic Surgeon, or General Surgeon)
  3. Trained during Fellowship or intending to train post-Fellowship in the field of hand surgery
  4. Proposer and Seconder, both of whom must be members of the AHSS
  5. Provisional Membership to expire naturally after 2 years or with one year extensions under exceptional circumstances where further training in hand surgery could be undertaken
  6. Application for Active membership be made during the 2 year period of Provisional Membership