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March is generally a good month to be in Sydney and the city really turned it on for our local, regional and

AHSS Past President Anthony “Tony” Berger takes on role of APFSSH President following an outstanding term of leadership from Raja Sabapathy From

Above Right, R to L: Ted Mah, Jai Sungaran, Roohi Ahmad, Margaret Fok, Gillian Smith & Jennifer Green. APFSSH Inaugural Diversity Symposium


Above Right, R to L: William Foster (J&J), Sophie Guerin (J&J), Aaron Villaruz (J&J), Dawn Chia (Singapore), Tunku Sara Ahmad (Malaysia), Jacqueline

Congratulations to Drs Matthew White, Abhinav Aggarwal, Alex Tiedgen and Tamer Mettyas. All should be commended for their efforts in completing the