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Above Right, R to L: William Foster (J&J), Sophie Guerin (J&J), Aaron Villaruz (J&J), Dawn Chia (Singapore), Tunku Sara Ahmad (Malaysia), Jacqueline Tan (Singapore) & Jennifer Green (Australia).

WOMEN OF ORTHOPAEDICS – Sponsored by DePuy Synthes/Johnson & Johnson

DePuy Synthes Asia Pacific hosted an event focussed on Gender Diversity – a first for APFSSH. The session was well-attended with excellent audience engagement and vibrant discussion. William Foster (Senior Director Regional Marketing, J&J, Singapore) provided an introduction followed by a global overview of diversity in orthopaedics (Jennifer Green) and a vibrant discussion moderated by Sophie Guerin (Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, J&J APAC, Singapore).

The panel included orthopaedic women in leadership – Sara Ahmad (Malaysia), Jennifer Green (Australia), Jacqueline Tan (Singapore) and Dawn Chia (Singapore); and Aaron Villaruz (Vice President DePuy Synthes APAC, Singapore). The discussion explored all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion, covering the following topics:

  • The challenges of the lack of female peers in a predominately male-dominated profession and the lack of women in leadership in surgical societies.
  • Opportunities for collaboration between the MedTech industry and surgical societies to decrease the gender gap – inclusive technology design, sponsored educational opportunities and industry advocacy.
  • Changes in the professional landscape regarding the inclusion of female surgeons
  • How surgical societies can take a more active role in encouraging women to pursue careers in surgery
  • Actions that male allies can take to advance gender diversity in surgery.

DePuy Synthes/Johnson & Johnson have a 20-year history of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. Their support in organizing and hosting this important discussion at APFSSH was greatly appreciated by the panel and the audience. As a member of the APFSSH Council and President of the International Orthopaedic Diversity Alliance, I look forward to further championing diversity, equity and inclusion and developing a diversity strategy for APFSSH.

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