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PFET Programme



The AHSS PFET Training Programme is designed to provide structured cross-specialty training in the breadth of Hand and Wrist Surgery. It is a 2 year programme, of which a minimum of 12 months must be undertaken in an accredited PFET training centre in Australia or New Zealand. 6 months of the programme may be accredited from Pre-Fellowship training if the candidate is able to demonstrate sufficient exposure and experience (determined on logbook criteria). 6-12 months of the programme may be undertaken in an overseas fellowship or in an alternative unit subject to the position meeting PFET requirements and being approved in advance by the Education committee. Details of the programme and current accredited fellowships can be found on the AHSS website under Information for Applicants. Applications are accepted prior to completion of Pre-Fellowship training (please see Information for Applicants for details), but it is a condition of commencing the PFET programme that Part II of the RACS Fellowship exam has been passed and FRACS in either Orthopaedic Surgery or Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has been achieved.

Information for Applicants:

  • For full details of the programme, please click here
  • For application process and guidelines, please click here
  • For Fellowship programme positions, please click here
  • For the application form, please click here

Information for Training Centre Accreditation:

For further information regarding either training positions or training centre accreditation, please contact PFET Co-ordinators Libby Anderson and Alexa Potter, email: